Zoe Muth - Zoe Muth And The Lost High Rollers

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Zoe Muth's twang is so authentic, it's almost hard to believe she was born and raised in Seattle. In passing, it may be easy to attribute the country factor to her exceptional mandolin player (Ethan Lawton), or the smooth, ever present pedal steel (Dave Harmonson). But truth be known, it's her Dolly Partonesque lyricism and high, sweet vocals that drive this record, clearing a place for Muth and her Lost High Rollers among some of the best up and coming interpreters of classic-style country music around. She nails the turning of a clever country phrase with zero irony and infinite sincerity. Traces of her influences, from John Prine to the Louvin Brothers and Lucinda Wiliams are evident, but these songs are hardly derivative. Muth has a knack for writing songs so true and familiar you feel like they've been around forever. If she keeps writing them like this they will. -Kim Ruehl SOUND Magazine.