Zao - Live

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Created in 1973 by two former MAGMA musicians, Yochk'o SEFFER (Saxophone) and Fran?ois "FATON" CAHEN (Keyboards), Zao displays a music both intriguing and complex. The band offers an original mixture between Progressive rock, jazz, traditional Magyar influences and modern classical composers (BARTOK, STRAVINSKI...). Sophisticated meters are punctuated by wind instruments and piano, putting the stress on strange-sounding themes. "Live !" is a never-issued album, recorded at the famous French club a L'Ouest de la Grosne in 1976. Very uncommon, the band included then Fran?ois "FATON" CAHEN (Keyboards), G_rard BERTRAM (Bass), Didier LOCKWOOD (Violin) and Jean-My TRUONG (Drums). Regarding Yochk'o SEFFER, his departure to pursue a solo career has just been announced... a document not to be missed, both for it's historical value and it's great musicianship !