Yob - Atma

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When Eugene, Oregon's Yob announced their comeback, the timing couldn't have been more fitting-doom metal was on the rise and the trio's status within the scene had already reached legendary levels. The release of 2009's the Great Cessation, hailed across the board as the finest doom metal album of the year, even lead the New York Times to declare them one of the best bands in America. Atma is Yob's most varied and progressive release to date. Building upon the epic, crushing heaviness of past works, the record explores new lyrical, thematic and spiritual ground. It's Yob founder and doom metal mastermind Mike Scheidt's most personal album as well. If the Great Cessation was a punishing crawl through the darkness to ultimately resurrect the group, Atma is a step forward to more dynamic and uplifting territories-a triumphant victory and milestone for the band. Hitting the road in North America and Europe for their most ambitious tour plans yet, Yob will certainly be one of the most talked-about bands in heavy music this year.