Xibalba - Hasta La Muerte

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2012 album from the acclaimed underground Metal band. Hasta La Muerte, Spanish for "To the Death", is the band's first full-length album for Southern Lord. It's a lethal collision of brutal death metal, vicious hardcore and oppressive sludge. Taking the concept of heavy to a new, crushing level! It was recorded and produced by Taylor Young (Nails). Greg Anderson of sunn 0))), Goat snake and Southern Lord has collaborated with the band on 2 tracks: Flood and Cold. Anderson' sub-bass six string warfare seamlessly integrates within the ultra-heaviness of the Xibalba sound. The band's songwriting, performance and recording of the album shows Xibalba taking a giant leap forward. Hasta La Muerte will firmly establish the band as a force to be reckoned with as well as new leaders within the underground metal scene.