Wretch - Warriors

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WRETCH is a U.S. Power Metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, with origins that go back to the mid-80s. Our major musical influences are in the vein of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio & Helloween. WRETCH's music features strong melodic elements, clean vocals and twin lead guitars for harmonies and dueling leads. The lyrical element of our songs tends to run along the lines of Dio and Black Sabbath, with subject matter focusing on the struggle between good and evil, fantasy, magic and the human condition. The drive behind WRETCH is the love of writing, recording and the live performance of Heavy Metal. The feel of performing in front of an audience of metal fans is a thrill few other musical genres offer. This shared passion, enthusiasm and energy between metal bands and metal fans is why we do what we do. The album "Warriors" is their first offering on Pure Steel Records.