Witchcryer - Cry Witch

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One of Allan's Picks!

OK, we all know that in the current scene there are a LOT of doom metal bands, and occult bands with female singers, and bands with "Witch" in their name‚ but please don't let any of that cause you to sleep on Witchcryer's debut, Cry Witch, released on Ripple Music. It's a doozy. This Austin, Texas outfit follows reverently in the classic tradition of Black Sabbath, but with their own special style. So, while they even cover a Sabbath song here, it's an unusual pick, the acoustic instrumental "Embryo" and they make it all their own. They also do a more conventional cover of "Witchfinder General" by Witchfinder General, just in case anyone was confused about where they're coming from. Inspired by the original Satanic Panic of the 1600's, with lyrics exploring themes of slavery and the plight of the oppressed, Witchcryer evoke the political, as well as occult, aspects of witchcraft. Along with all the rollicking, fuzzed-out riffage Witchcryer unleash across this album, the biting and melodic vocals of Suzy Bravo are crucial. Bravo's commanding presence helps put this collection of bluesy, Sabbath-y stompers into contention for traditional doom metal album of the year. - ALLAN