Wisdom - Rise Of The Wise

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It's doubtlessly been one big story of success for founding member M·tÈ Moln·r and G·bor Kov·cs' power metal combo Wisdom so far, despite several line-up changes since the band's inception in 2001 - the latest of which saw ex BATTLE BEAST guitarist Anton Kabanen join their ranks after M·tÈ Bodors had to join Scottish pirate metallers ALESTORM - and in celebration of their 15th band anniversary, 2016 holds another staggering highlight in store! Aptly entitled "Rise Of The Wise", the quintet's fourth studio album fully lives up to it's name in each and every one of the eleven brand new songs: Thematically growing around various topics such as the multifarious facets of human existence as well as around the band mascot "Wiseman" in a couple of songs, Wisdom rise to new heights of enthralling catchiness in the course of swift, solo-laden, double bass driven high speed gems, stomping mid tempo majesty and magical folky ballads, all bursting with grandeur and bombastic melodies.