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Welcome to the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club!  Our October release will feature the re-issue of Death's Leprosy along with a limited collectible Gimme Metal enamel pin.

**NOTE:  Due to high demand, Gimme has REOPENED the Vinyl Club to take on an additional number of new members for October.  HOWEVER, Death's Leprosy is no longer available to those who signup after September 9.  Instead, we will be offering Death's SCREAM BLOODY GORE (in a limited Gimme Exclusive variant) as the alternative.  Both records come with a unique crafted Gimme Metal Pin.**

October is the month to celebrate Death and their classic works!

Monthly Fee:  $25.99 per month

Release Date: October 15, 2020

Death's Leprosy is pressed in Neon Magenta and Bone White Half and Half with Gold and Aqua Blue Splatter.  Limited to 300 units.

Death's Scream Bloody Gore is pressed in Neon Violet and Bone White Half and Half with Blood Red and Aqua Blue Splatter.  Limited to 200 units.