VERHEERER - Maltrer - Vinyl

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You looking for ravaging riffage, bloodlusting lupine chant, martial rhythmic torment, apocalyptic anti-life prayer, or frozen death dirge? Possibly all of the above, with a dose of melody too? Of course you are, so are we, and we've found a fresh source of Satanic sonic pleasure to satisfy such desires. Teutonic terrors Verheerer (in English, aptly, Devastator) mine the grim, grand old style of Scandinavian black metal on their debut full-length for Vendetta Records, Maltre, and do it masterfully. This album serves up an impressively dense and dynamic feast of black metal bombast, savage yet sophisticated, sounding like Verheerer have been trampling poseurs under hoof for aeons already, even though this mysterious duo really just have one previous EP under their collective bullet belt. The songs on Maltre hurtle forth with venomous energy, and stay intense even as they reach to ambitious lengths, dramatically delivering both evil atmosphere and sheer rockin', heaviness in truly classic, cult-worthy style.


1. Oratio
2. Kultyst
3. Vertigo
4. Maltro
5. Anima Sola
6. Nachtfall
7. Heimgang