Ugly Valley Boys - Double Down

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'The Ugly Valley Boys are a fresh take on a traditional style, and are a breath of fresh air in a relatively stale musical landscape.' JB BEVERLEY 'A stripped down & soulful blend of American Roots Music that is delivered with sincerity & a driving, steady beat'.... JAMES HUNNICUTT 'On 2 different nights we caught the Ugly Valley Boys at local bars here in Salt Lake City. The second time was even better than the first. I overheard a guy in the audience describing them as 'a one-man band plus a bass player' which seemed pretty fitting. Here you have Ryan Eastlyn sitting behind a bass drum & hi-hat with a guitar on his lap and singing into an old-fashioned mic, while his buddy, Braxton Brandenburg, keeps steady time on the upright bass. Describing them is just about as tricky as describing any non-contrived band these days. If I say folk you'll probably either think of Bob Dylan, something from the Ozarks or else some gypsy combo from Romania. None of these is right. If I say American nostalgia you might think Buddy Holly or Burl Ives. Wrong again. And if I say rockabilly - which, to those of us on the outside, is woefully and inextricably tied with gothabilly - who really wants to go there? No, these guys are something else. Think Johnny Cash with a dose of suburb-bred guitar virtuoso. Think Misfits, Talking Heads and Chris Isaak covers transformed into upbeat, down-home, three-beers-in, energetic, pomade-styled acoustic country rock that could live in a garage if only it's hands were greasier. Throw in a dose of artistic genius (yeah, Ryan is one of those people) and you've got the Ugly Valley Boys. Not bad for a night job.' Ugly Valley Boys come out swingin'! Like a good old-fashioned barroom brawl, their debut album, Double Down, makes no apologies for it's surly demeanor. Classic style meets fresh energy in a collection of songs as spry as they are wry, with a voice that's honest and introspective, yet welcoming to all who venture to lend an ear. Pull up a seat by the fire, take a golden swig, and listen to tales from a band of dusty strangers sure to become old friends.