Toxic Reasons - Independence

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Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to announce the reissue of the classic, mandatory Toxic Reasons' Independence! This full length was originally released in 1982 and quickly became a hardcore/punk classic. Now Independence has been restored, re-mastered and is better sounding then ever! This is the record that contains such hits as "Drunk and Disorderly", "Riot Squad", "War Hero", "Rally 'Round the Flag Boys" (let's face it, all 12 songs on this album are all considered classics). Besides being restored and re-mastered this record also comes with a printed inner sleeve as well as a full-sized poster with all the lyrics and pictures. Independence is mandatory for any self- respecting record store and is held in the same regard as other mandatory classics by BLACK FLAG, THE CIRCLE JERKS, MINOR THREAT, D.R.I., SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, THE SEX PISTOLS and THE CLASH!