Tom Russell - Wounded Heart Of America

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A compelling walk through the song library of one of America's greatest songwriters. The world's best singers have paid their respects to Tom Russell over the years, a strong cross section is included here. From Johnny Cash's amazing take on Veteran's Day, to Suzy ogguss' hit version of Outbound Plane, from Dave Alvin's growling Blue Wing, to beat poet legend Lawrence Ferlinghetti's absolute cool reading of Stealing Electricity, and Doug Sahm's St. Olav's Gate, Tom's genius shines through. Bonus tracks include own recordings of Who's Gonna Build You Wall, the Death of Jimmy Martin, the rocking Home Before Dark, and a great rave up version of Cuban Sandwich with Barrence Whitfield on vocals and Amos Garrett on guitar. For long time fans, or a great primer for someone just being introduced to him, Wounded Heart of America is a must have.