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Australia's Twelve Foot Ninja have created an immersive multimedia project incorporating the band’s latest album, Vengeance (out Oct. 15, Volkanik Music) with a high fantasy novel (“The Wyvern and The Wolf” by Nicholas Snelling), and a graphic novel (“Vengeance,” available now via twelvefootninja.com). The band snuck back into the world's eyes and ears last month with the stealthy drop of their single “Long Way Home,” the first taste of new music from the band since their 2016 album, Outlier. That single came with a 2D platformer videogame. Fans who collected all 12 brick phones in the game discovered they could unlock the band’s music video for “Long Way Home.” Not content to just be a mere recreational listening experience, Twelve Foot Ninja also join in for a guest DJ special on Gimme as well!