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Possessed’s debut ‘Seven Churches’ hit the scene in 1985, and not only opened the gates for death metal (singer Jeff Becerra coined the term itself in ‘83) but weighed in with profound impact on legions of forward-thinking musicians for decades to follow. Recorded during the band’s ir high school spring break (!), ‘Seven Churches’ blasts off opens with a lift from the version of “Tubular Bells,” famously used in The Exorcist to blast off into the track of the same name, and from there on, the world is greeted with one of the most relentless, maniacal metal records of the 1980’s.

Gimme is proud to have Jeff as a guest DJ, and we ask you to support the band through use of Gimme's Tip Jar.  Please select from one of the denominations and support one of the icon's of metal.