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In their 20 years of existence, Toronto's amazing Fucked Up have built bridges between punk, metal, indie rock and other communities with their pure-power attack. With a discography of albums, EPs and many 7"s across labels like Matador, Jade Tree, Tankcrimes, and more, the band's storied history includes trashed MTV sets, lawsuits against Rolling Stone and Camel cigarettes, concept rock operas, soundtracks, a 12-hour concert with guest-stars in their set, joining forces with Keith Morris, and even playing a festival of all Fuck-related monickered bands in a town called Fucking, Austria. Their adherence to primal punk ideology and musical application of genres most punk bands don't absorb is underlined by them being the nicest folks in the world. We're super stoked to have drummer Jonah Falco guest spin today! Get in the chat!