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Evildead was formed in 1987. thrashing onto their first bill in Long Beach, California with Cryptic Slaughter, Dark Angel, and Possessed. Their debut EP unleashed a blend of speed and thrash metal guitar riffs along with hyper drumming locked in with an over the top thundering bass with punk overtones, and lyrical themes that explored political, thought provoking social ideas; mixed with horror, and nuclear war themes. A 2009 regroup featured original drummer Rob Alaniz, along with original guitarist Juan Garcia (Body Count), original bassist Mel Sanchez, and lead guitarist Albert Gonzales with Steve Nelson handling the vocal duties in place of original vocalist Phil Flores. They signed to SPV/Steamhammer for their brand new release entitled UNITED $TATE$ OF ANARCHY. To celebrate the return of Evildead we welcome Juan Garcia to an exclusive Gimme guest DJ special!