The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die

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The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die - vinyl LP - The archetype for the '60s-era girl group was etched indelibly into stone, like a commandment: three pretty girls with matching outfits and bouffant hairdos would sing, with musical backing supplied by a bunch of guys standing in the shadows. The Quatro sisters shattered that archetype forever with the Pleasure Seekers, an all-girl teenage rock & roll group who played all the instruments themselves and were fully capable of wiping the stage with any male band that crossed their path. The Quatro girls had been brought up in a musically-minded family, nurtured with classical piano and vocal lessons. As Patti recalls, "By1964, I had been taking guitar lessons, hanging with musicians inthe local music scene. We had seen a Beatles concert, and I wasquite dazed and focused at the event, watching the audience cryand scream out of control. It was my epiphany moment, and I was determined to start an all-girl band."