The Plasmatics - Coup D'Etat

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GUNS n' ROSES are often called the 'World's Most Dangerous Rock Band', but blow for blow, pound for pound, that title must surely rest with the Plasmatics. Led by uber Rock Queen Wendy Orlean Williams, a woman who pushed female empowerment to it's ultimate conclusion, this New York outfit took a real and rare delight in blowing up cars, hacking apart guitars and generally leaving a trail of spare parts in their wake. When they weren't juggling dynamite or pecking at the corpse of polite society, they were very noisily changing the face of music (and fashion) with a musical style that was part Punk Rock, part Heavy Metal & part Texas Chainsaw Massacre... not necessarily in that order. Quite simply, the Plasmatics stood for something; and with manager/guiding light Rod Swenson firmly at the helm and Wendy 0. doubtless the only Grammy nominee to wear tape over her nipples! Leading the 'harder, faster' revolution with glee, a rabid fan base was swiftly assembled on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1982, the band deemed it time to fight the battle from within, signing to a major and crafting the most impressive, most inflammable album of their career: 'Coup d'Etat'. Cited by the LA Times as 'The best slice of metal since the last AC/DC album... ', nearly 25 years on, it remains a milestone in pure Punk Metal showmanship. Rock Candy. 2006.