Gimme Brigade | Join and get a Custom Patch & 15% off in the Gimme Store for a Year

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Sign up for the Gimme Brigade today and join other Gimme listeners, metalheads, and lovers of extreme music. Join now and get:

  • A hand-made custom Gimme patch embroidered with your Gimme name and hometown chapter*;
  • 15% off in the Gimme Store for 12 months**;
  • A monthly email newsletter filled with first-looks, inside information, and special offers;
  • Help and promotion materials when organizing Gimme Brigade meet-ups, and shows in your hometown chapter

Gimme Radio works tirelessly to bring you the best in extreme music, all in an ad-free subscription free format. If you love Gimme, join the Brigade to keep the tunes brutal and the community thriving.

*Brigade patches are handmade and will vary in appearance.

**15% discount cannot be combined with other discount offers.

Who is the Gimme Brigade?

The Gimme Brigade is the physical manifestation of the Gimme Radio ethos. The Gimme Brigade stands for the idea that the digital music revolution should not just be for the mainstream, it should include metalheads, punks and noise freaks like ourselves. It's the belief that the face-melting songs and bands that fuel our passion for extreme music are truly special; and so is our chosen lifestyle. Our lifestyle binds us together in the fight against the mundane and the pointless, a lifestyle that feeds our drive to create music and art that sits outside the comfort of the mainstream.

The Gimme Brigade is about bringing the friendships we've formed in Gimme Live to the shows, clubs, and bars in our hometowns. We hope that by being part of the Gimme Brigade the fans of Gimme Radio will help organize and participate in meetups, put on basement shows, and seek each other out to meet face-to-face.

When you join the Gimme Brigade you are representing the best in extreme music. The best in extreme music is brutal, but kind. We go full bore, but pick each other up. We hope you wear your Gimme Brigade patch proudly. We hope that you are brutal, that you have fun. We hope that you stand up for the underdog and call out the bullshit that might give extreme music or the Gimme Brigade a bad name.

The Gimme Brigade is starting out small - join now and you'll get a custom hand-made embroidered patch, the Gimme Brigade newsletter filled with exclusive offers, and your own unique discount code good for 15% off in the Gimme Store for one year - but we plan on adding more perks as we grow.

We believe people should support what they love. Join the Gimme Brigade if you love Gimme Radio. Join the Gimme Brigade to keep the tunes brutal and the community thriving.

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