The Amenta - Flesh Is Heir

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The Amenta, Australia's most mercurial extreme music band, release their 3rd full length album "Flesh is Heir" via EVP recordings / Rocket Distribution. The music, true to form, is a step forward for the Amenta. 2004's "Occasus" was the band's modern Death Metal album, fusing subtle electronics to grinding riffs and pummeling drums. 2008's "n0n" was the bands Extreme Industrial album, densely layering fragmented electronics and micro-programming over digitally destroyed guitars. "Flesh is Heir" is an organic Extreme Metal album. Real sounds recorded in real spaces, de-mixed and torn apart in real time. Huge riffs that foreground the Amenta's hitherto buried sense of melody. The most versatile and haunting vocal performance the Amenta have achieved. Elements of what has gone before but consumed and re-constituted. A bleak and dirty journey through mental decay and pressure.