Svart Crown - Wolves Among The Ashes

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2020 release. French extreme metallers Svart Crown are back. Band leader JB Le Bail comments: "We are again pretty excited to reveal the first track of our new album Wolves Among The Ashes" 'Thermageddon'. It was the first track we wrote for this album, and it shows a certain desire to come back to the blackened death metal we loved in the late '90s: uncompromising, direct and with no superfluous element. But we cannot ignore that some doors were opened on our past releases and I am pretty sure that everyone is going to be surprised by what will happen next. This time, too, everything has been under the supervision of our Nganda Francis Caste, who captured our best sound production to date. Last but not least, Dehn Sora gave us the perfect post apocalyptic vibe that this album needed."