Secret Emchy Society - The Chaser

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Release Date: May 31, 2020

From our very own Gimme Country DJ, Cindy Emch, her latest album release!

"...The Chaser is an album that is by far more in the realm of “true country” than anything on country radio today. Pulling heavily from Buck Owens' Bakerfield sound, the outlaw country style of the '70s, and the hard drinking songs of Hank Williams, it's an album that should satisfy any honky tonk barfly. ...[It's music] you could slide wordlessly to any elderly devotee of the classic country legends and know he'd be right there. Secret Emchy Society is by no means a throwback act, but the direct line to country's history makes it a perfect boozy barroom companion. Its songs would sound perfectly at home pouring from an antique vinyl jukebox tucked away in the corner of some time-forgotten honky tonk dive." - Chris Griffy,

Vinyl limited to 250 pressings.