Ram Jam - Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram

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UK only remastered re-issue of their 1978 album. Catapulted to huge international success as a result of their solitary hit single, the stunningly infectious and universally praised, 'Black Betty', Ram Jam seemed poised for a career in the rock n' roll fast lane. Disappointingly, however, it was not to be; dubbed by the media as one hit wonders unable to fulfill their potential. Behind the scenes, however, a complex web of intrigue was played out against a backdrop of record company machinations, power-playing producers, managerial hi-jinx and internal feuds. Fed up of being pushed around like puppets, the band focused their anger and frustration to record a Portrait of the Artist As a Young Ram, one of hard rocks most coveted and revered records that, for no fault of it's own, failed to resuscitate their ailing career. Hailed as a cult classic and compared to the best work of Aerosmith, Starz and Ted Nugent the album, originally released in 1978, has become a collectors favorite remaining unreleased, until now, on Compact Disc. Rock Candy. 2006.