Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen

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Ireland's Primordial have, through constant quality releases, earned the right of being considered a Metal institution! WHERE GREATER MEAN HAVE FALLEN, the band's unprecedented eighth studio release and thirteenth release over all including split releases, live and EP's, brings Primordial's melding of Black Metal and Irish Folk music full circle to what may be Primordial's defining moment. Finely crafting their mastery of melancholy and ferocity, Primordial has time and time again affirmed their identity and sound while infusing elements of Heavy, Black, Folk, and even Doom Metal with bitterness, sadness, anger and twisted triumph. North America will surely celebrate the long awaiting return of Primordial to North America as a featured performer on the 2015 Maryland Death fest, which has become the benchmark for legitimate true metal festivals in America.