Primal Rite - Sensory Link To Pain

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Formed from the ashes of the scene's best kept secret, SCALPED, Primal Rite come blazing out of the dirty club stages of the California Bay Area with a sound that takes in?uence from the powerful, metallic hardcore of the '90s as well as that era's most punishing crossover, thrash and death metal bands. There is no shortage of speed with the fast riffs only interrupted by sharp solos and pounding breaks. This 7" is a precursor to an LP coming up on Revelation Records. The band already has two 7" EPs on well-respected DIY labels as well as a cassette on Pop Wig Records, which was founded by members of TRAPPED UNDER ICE, TURNSTILE and ANGEL DU$T. They will be touring alongside POWER TRIP (Southern Lord Records) upon the release of Sensory Link To Pain. Lyrically, Primal Rite don't settle for typical hardcore stabbed-in-the-back cliches or meaningless metal morbidity, instead tackling important personal politics.