Occultation - Silence In The Ancestral House

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Featuring Negative Plane guitarist E.M., Occultation crafts one of the strangest and most distinct sounds in dark metal today. With a distinct mix of prog, classic metal and '80s goth, the Brooklyn, NY, trio's sound is singular and intriguing. Their 2012 debut THREE AND SEVEN turned heads with it's wicked mix of classic Mercyful Fate, Death SS, Siouxie and the Banshees, and the Cure; now Occultation presents a work even more bewitching and fascinating. Produced, recorded and mixed at Godcity Studios by Kurt Ballou (responsible for capturing the sonic chaos of Converge, High on Fire, Skeleton witch, Old Man Gloom and many more), this massive, multi-layered opus reveals new facets with each successive listen. Haunting, dreamlike and even more progressive than their past material, it showcases refined songwriting and alluring melodic sensibilities underpinned by the commanding and alluring vocals of V.B. Witness this unique and innovative band ascend to a completely new musical plane.