Obnoxious Youth - Disturbing The Graves

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Obnoxious Youth - The Seed was first planted back in 2005 with the sole purpose of creating a total fuck the rules-output right amid the reactionary halls of extreme music. When the year of 2009 saw the true birth of Obnoxious Youth - The Band, a plan was forged in the furnace of chaos. With the worship of the electric guitar AKA "the Devil" as the fundament, Obnoxious Youth defies logic, genres, order and last but not least, the rules. The result of this bizarre fusion of mad men and twisted minds is this rare mixture of heavy metal and hardcore punk. Due to sharing a resemblance with the 80's wave of bands who brought us extreme metal by fusing punk attitude with heavy metal riffs, Obnoxious Youth quickly started to gain a reputation amongst veterans in the genre, receiving praise from members in seminal bands such as MERCILESS, NIFELHEIM, ENTOMBED, TOTALIT‚ WATAIN and GEHENNAH. Still, Obnoxious Youth's primary target will always be the live performances. By recreating the atmosphere of your first extreme gig ever, Obnoxious Youth has stirred up feelings of nervousness and unpredictability at almost every gig. Being among the best live band in Sweden, Obnoxious Youth leaves no one untouched. Obnoxious Youth don't believe in cheating, Obnoxious Youth writes real songs and records their albums DIY on analog reel-to-reel the timeless way, and they keep the mistakes and the filth.