Night Demon - Curse Of The Damned

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The Classic Metal Trio Night Demon comes from Ventura. The band combines the musical vision of all three members with influences ranging from sizes of old-school Metals like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Riot and Saxon to punk legends the Misfits. And although Night Demon present these roots proud, you will find both modern and contemporary attitudes in their songs. In addition to their genuine musicality and the exuberance of her compositions the particular strength of Night Demon is their stage show, with which it whenever the musicians come into the bright spotlight immediately recruit new fans, both in Europe and in North America. Night Demon 2013 were traveling on a short tour with the NWOBHM legends Diamond Head on the US West Coast and played 2014, a grand concert with Samhain in the prestigious Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Currently they conquer along with Raven in North America new territories and prepare medium to long term worldwide tours before. So keep your eyes on when Night Demon enter the stage in your immediate vicinity ! Be prepared for anything and let yourself an on a grand ritual.