Negator - Vnitas Pvritas Existentia

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Negator's new album will close a cycle that began in 2003 and will bring the band's history so far to a conclusion, using occult and ritualistic themes. But fear not, this also marks the beginning of a new cycle, whose development has not yet been determined. "VNITAS PVRITAS EXISTENTIA" begins, where "Gates to the Pantheon" left off - at the entrance of the Pantheon - and invites the listener to explore what happens when you pass the gates and enter your own Pantheon. This album is a well-thought-out and total work of art, that clocks in with a total playing time of 55:05 minutesThere is much more to the used symbolism and carefully crafted lyrics than what meets the eye. Nothing on this album is unintentional; everything has a purpose.