Natron - Grindermeister

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Nineties were the crowning point for the brutal death metal world scene, and so it was for Natron who took their first step in that very moment as the second wave of death metal bands came in. The songs included in this record were written during the band early five years, in a time between 1994 and 1997 and all originally included in the first two records of the band, becoming - with time passing by - rarities for today underground collectors. Though still being brutal and innovative now, unfortunately these tracks didn't receive a proper production by the time of their first release . Then, with the 20 years anniversary of the band striking in may 2012, what better chance to celebrate by making old and new fans enjoy the ancient brutality in a shape of an album of renewed fury? With this purpose these almost forgotten tracks were re-recorded, a little re-arranged, and also lyrics were revisited without spoiling that original "good old brutal days" feeling. Enjoy this new rendition of brutality, horror and chaos.