Nails | You Will Never Be One Of Us | Vinyl and Cassette Tape Bundle

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We like to call this one the "Fist Full of Nails." Get American hardcore/metal/grindcore band Nails' You Will Never Be One Of Us on black vinyl AND cassette tape bundled together. To all you youngins out there who don't know the beautiful, symbiotic relationship between a yellow No. 2 pencil and a cassette tape, better step up! Now's your time to shine, young grasshopper.

A Side:

1. "You Will Never Be One of Us"
2. "Friend to All"
3. "Made to Make You Fail"
4. "Life Is a Death Sentence"
5. "Violence Is Forever"

B Side:

1. "Savage Intolerance"
2. "In Pain"
3. "Parasite"
4. "Into Quietus"
5. "They Come Crawling Back"