Mustangs Of The West - Time

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2020 release from L.A.-based all-female quintet formerly known as the Mustangs. In the '80s, the cowpunk scene grew into a much bigger movement that included everyone from Dwight Yoakam to the Screamin' Sirens. When the Mustangs appeared, they immediately turned heads and developed an energetic following that tagged them as leaders of this new musical brigade. Now named Mustangs of the West, band members have reunited to take up where they left off in the mid-'90s and make good on their early promise. Original Mustang and lead guitarist Sherry Rayn Barnett is again playing music with lead vocalist/guitarist Suzanna Spring and bassist/vocalist Holly Montgomery. Joined by new members Aubrey Richmond (fiddle/vocals) and Suzanne Morissette (drums/percussion/vocals), on their album, Time. Working with noted producer/engineer Mark Howard (Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, The Neville Brothers), Mustangs of the West sounds like a band now in the top tier of musicians who can blend a variety of styles into one of their very own. And to hear band members talk about their present incarnation is to tune into five women who are dedicated to defining their new destiny with the commitment it takes to share it with the world.