Mournful Congregation - The Incubus Of Karma

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"You know how people sometimes talk about the music they'd like to have played at their funeral? Well, if you haven't got your funeral tuneage all planned out already, we've got you covered. Australian funeral doom masters Mournful Congregation are back with their fifth full-length album of mournful, epic majesty, indeed. Doom death delivered with elegant snail's pace virtuosity. That said, we should once again quote (with kind permission) Gimme Live listener INFECTIOUSEYE here, who argues that "this band is not from Australia. They come from a dimension of infinite sorrow. Mountains of madness, rivers of tears. All that's true, so sad and true. If this album is playing as the soundtrack when your casket is being lowered, it'll certainly set the mood for your final journey. But we suggest spinning it a lot before that day, while you will really be able to enjoy it."

- Allan Horrox, Gimme Radio DJ and Former Owner of aQuarius Records