Morne - Shadows

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With influences ranging from Doom Metal and Classic Rock all the way to Progressive and chamber music, Morne's unique brand of Post-Sludge/Crust is unrelentingly heavy and cinematic in scope. The Boston group attracted widespread attention in the underground Metal and Punk scenes with their 2009 debut album Untold Wait, most notably earning an endorsement from Darkthrone themselves; it helped that the group's lineup featured guitarist Jeff Hayward of the legendary sludge band Grief. Profound Lore is proud to present Morne's third full-length, Shadows, an even colder and bleaker outing marked by crawling tempos and colossal atmospherics. Melodic and morose, the album is infused with a new sense of doom, with moments reminiscent of Evoken, Mournful Congregation or the now-defunct Morgion. Shadows proves Morne's distinctiveness in heavy music and is set to be one of the most memorable underground releases of 2013.