Montrose - Paper Money

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Digitally remastered edition of this hard rock classic featuring renowned guitarist Ronnie Montrose There's little doubt that the self-titled debut Montrose album was an absolute game changer in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. In fact, these days it is pretty much recognized as ground zero for all that became of the genre, with a sound and swagger that birthed many followers, including Van Halen. The second Montrose album, craftily titled Paper Money, was recorded and released in late 1974, produced once again by master of the art Ted Templeman. It was a record that found band leader Ronnie Montrose making a decidedly left of center stylistic turn, introducing a collection of mellower, perhaps more introspective songs into the mix. Sure, it was still very much a hard rock album, but the emphasis was placed on mood and atmosphere rather than muscle and brawn. It was a record that gave insight into the enormous creative talent of Ronnie and his rather unorthodox working methods. There's much to be enjoyed here, including the Jagger/Richards penned 'Connection', spooky instrumental 'Starliner', intriguing 'Spaceage Sacrifice' and the epic and eerily prophetic title track. Best of all though is 'I Got The Fire', a song that easily picks up where the debut album left off, a track effectively covered by Iron Maiden several years later.