Masters Of Disguise - Alpha / Omega

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2017 release. They are one of the hottest assets the German speed metal scene has to offer: Masters Of Disguise. Alpha/Omega is their third album, following their previous releases Back With A Vengeance (2013) and The Savage And The Grace (2015), which both were enthusiastically received by the community and the media. After some successful festival gigs and various tours, it was about time to record a new full-length output - in 2016, the fans had only been provided with an EP featuring brilliant cover versions: The Fine Art Of Aging Gracefully once again showcased the versatility of exceptional vocalist Alexx Stahl and his band, a versatility that can also be found on the new album. Not many combos of this kind and class are capable of delivering such a combination of power and speed and a plethora of melodies - and that's why the third Masters Of Disguise album with it's razor-sharp riffing will also cause some hefty rumble in the Speed Metal scene of 2017. Produced by Kalli Coldsmith in collaboration with Rolf Munkes (mix/mastering) in the Empire Studios and the Kalliphonia Studios between January and April 2017, Alpha/Omega is bound to conquer the metal world. Eleven songs including a mighty cover version of Exciter's "Blackwitch" have been recorded to drive any speed metal maniac crazy.