Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

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Once again recorded at Jingletown Studios and Trident Studios in California, and produced by Robb Flynn in collaboration with engineer Juan Urteaga, and masterfully mixed by long-time partners-in-crime Colin Richardson and Andy Sneap, Machine Head's Bloodstone & Diamonds is a sprawling monument to state-of-the-art heaviness and the fearsome, idiosyncratic vision of it's protagonists. Erupting into vivid life with the towering riff barrage of unanimously praised opener "Now We Die" and the crushing turbo-thrash of established Machine Head live favorite "Killers And Kings," this is the perfect and indisputable antidote to the modern metal scene's hordes of identikit journeymen. Songs like the lithe, subtly complex "Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones" and the impassioned sociological tirade of "In Comes The Flood" represent a sublime refinement of the Machine Head sound, replete with all the down-tuned, harmonic-filled, flesh-flaying riffs and moments of intense dynamic potency that have long been a hallmark of the band's sound.