Love - Da Capo

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1967's Da Capo captured Love in a transitional phase, evolving from the frenetic garage folk of their debut album to the lush, psychedelic textures of their third release, Forever Changes. Da Capo's first single, the tremolo drenched rave-up "Seven & Seven Is," is a direct link to the energy and verve of the debut and rightfully became a garage-punk classic. In contrast, the Bryan Maclean-penned "Orange Skies," with it's subtle samba rhythms and exotic instrumentation, pointed the way forward for the group. Regarding the instrumentation, for this recording the band expanded to include Michael Stuart on drums and Tjay Cantrelli on flute and saxophone, while the band's erstwhile drummer, Alban "Snoopy" Pfisterer, moved to harpsichord and organ. The closing song of side 1, "She Comes in Colors" features the larger combo to full effect in an intricate arrangement that foreshadowed the "baroque rock" of The Left Banke. This legendary LP has been meticulously remastered by Sundazed from original Elektra analog session tapes and is presented on high-definition vinyl for your listening pleasure. Listen and revel in the revelation!