Leukemia - Love

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Previously unreleased 1994 album from the Swedish Thrash/Death Metal band. When Vic Records signed the Project Hate in 2006, former Leukemia member Lord K. mentioned this album which was very special to him and he would love to see it finally being released. The deal was easily signed and Dan Swan_ mastered the album 13 years after it was recorded. Marko Saarelainen made the cover and booklet artwork (Pestilence, the Project Hate). Final words from Lord K.: 'The "Love" album, the third in order for Leukemia (recorded under the name of Lame, but we thought it'd be more proper to release it as Leukemia), will finally be released by Vic Records. This album is very, very special to Leukemia and having Dan Swan_ mastered it and Vic Records release it feels really great.... The important thing is to get it out to the guys who liked this unreleased piece back in the day. It's a very dear album to all of US involved in it and therefore it should be released as it is.' Lord K., Fall 2007.