Kmfdm - Wwiii

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At first glimpse, KMFDM's WWIII is an inspired, concussive affair. The junior-Bush-led, second Iraq-war had given KMFDM plenty of fuel for it's fire, and this album finds Sascha and co. At their aggressive, confrontational best. Yet upon it's' imminent re-lease in late 2013, nothing feels dated here; it sounds as urgent and angsty as you like your KMFDM to be. This album was originally released in 2003, KMFDM's second release with the then-new line-up, following 2002's ATTAK, and it presented a stance angrier than ever, yet still able to bring KMFDM's trademark wry sense of humor, as evidenced by the track "Intro" closing out the album by describing the band with the line "a beautiful girl and some dirty old men..." With Kontributions from Lucia Cifarelli, William Rieflin, Raymond Watts, Jules Hodgson, Andy Selway, & Steve White and the ever-present Sascha Konietzko. KMFDM declare war on 'ze vorld!