Killing Joke - Live

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There aren't many bands who can still scare the sh*t out of you after a quarter of a century. They either die, split, become chronic smack heads or worse get all comfortable and at peace with themselves. There is no sight quite as sad as that of a once great edgy band from back in the day trotting through a selection of their greatest hits to a crowd of 40 year-olds who have left the kids with grandma for the night and driven on down to relive the days when they thought they would grow up to be dangerous. But Killing Joke aren't going to be that kind of band and this isn't that kind of show; they are still terrifying after all these years. This isn't a nostalgia show: In fact their sheet-metal apocalyptic post-punk rage is more relevant than ever. There's a direct line of descent from Killing Joke to Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson & Queens of the Stone Age, and it's all captured on this, their first Live CD. Cooking Vinyl. 2005.