Jucifer - There Is No Land Beyond The Volga

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Double vinyl LP pressing of this album from the Sludge Metal band. Jucifer's 2013 concept album tells the history of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) from the perspective of it's people, it's soldiers, it's children and the very land itself. And the music? Sonic S&M for the modern, corroded soul; untouchable epithets of beauty; grim odes to all that's heavy - some of the best songwriting to emerge in modern Extreme/Heavy music today. There's Sleep, there's the Melvins, and there's Jucifer. It's that simple and strong. A hot oil bath of riff after vicious riff. Massive, distortion-soaked stoner sludge Sabbath worship - down-tuned, skin-curdling, infectious, head banging riffs beaten into submission by the unmistakable, power-hungry rhythm of Lucifer's custom hard-hitting kit.