Isengard - Vinterskugge

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Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the 1994 debut from this band led by Darkthrone's Fenriz including a bonus commentary CD. Isengard was the solo-project started in 1989 by Fenriz because he had many musical ideas to explore that didn't strictly fit in with the style and music of Darkthrone. Vinterskugge consists of three separate recordings made between 1989 and 1993, and contains a whole multitude of styles, including Doom, Rock, Folk, Death, Black, and Viking metal. Vinterskugge also demonstrated Fenriz's breadth of vocal styles, lending an epic edge to many of the tracks. This new edition of Vinterskugge includes a bonus commentary disc where Fenriz describes his recollections of the period - both of the composition of the tracks and the recordings - in an invaluable insight into this classic release, as the music plays in the background. This edition also features additional booklet content.