Infernal Legion - Under The Cloven Hoof

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2018 release. The iconic Pacific Northwest death metal legends Infernal Legion return after a year hiatus with their highly anticipated fourth album Under The Cloven Hoof. Surpassing the acclaim and critical praise of 2011's The Spear of Longinus, Infernal Legion make more than just a return, they firmly trample all under cloven hoof with unadulterated, 100% authentic and uncompromising true death metal. Heavy yet memorable riffing with melodic overtones in the classic Swedish tradition ala Dissection, anthemic hook- laden chorus and raging guitar solos are just a few of the qualities that make Under The Cloven Hoof an immediate death metal classic! With a crushing sound based upon the untouchable early 1990s classic-era of US death metal and roots firmly planted in traditional '80s thrash (Infernal Majesty, classic Slayer), Infernal Legion remains unfettered by trend shifts, restoring true death metal to a mighty, morbid craft. More importantly, Infernal Legion know how to write actual songs - Something forgotten by the majority of today's so-called death metal bands. Songs that stick in your mind, burn your soul and leave you trampled Under The Legion's Cloven Hoof! A Pacific Northwest death metal institution for over 18 years, Infernal Legion trample all that is holy with Under The Cloven Hoof.