Hexvessel - When We Are Death

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Vinyl LP pressing. Hexvessel is rock but never roll - balancing the simple folk tune with psychedelic drive, hinting at Captain Beefheart, King Crimson and The Beatles as well as the dewy-eyed Americana that contemporary folk artists like First Aid Kit have adapted and re-defined. Stirred together, this makes for one truly unique brew of timeless storytelling and songcraft. More like a commune than a regular band, the spirit surrounding the group invokes a vision of a bunch of Northern heathens coming to live in Laurel Canyon in the late 1960's. Sonically, it's more the other way around; Joni Mitchell and The Doors set free in the Finnish wilderness (quite possibly intoxicated under the midnight sun). Moving into the next phase, When We Were Death further probes into the mysteries and wonders of life, love and death - the question is ultimately turned to the listener: Are you (h)experienced?