Hex Machine - Omen Mas - CD

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Years into the game, this Hex Machine harbors Richmond rock fugit-operatives well into their second decade operating sound vehicles of sortid popular culture. There is still much unknown about these..these..the slang term being low lifes..insects behind an invisible scrim of propped icons and those still excited by the earth. "We are not the progenitors, but we very well may be the 'pro janitors'--the pro audio clean-up crew to the garbage that perpetually and concentrically wages war on the heads of innocent victims today." In the spring of 2006, the single featuring "On Tender Ice", was released by Relapse records to "stunned" and "frozen" reviews. The band was pegged for playing a music not indicative of today's times. Winter 2007..the extended play "Run to Earth" was let loose and received with broken yet mostly loving arms and freshly lobotomized thoughts in regards to having a sound like that of "huffing a grotty gluebag", existing as "monolithically gnarly", while exhibiting, "all the elements of classic Richmond math-wrath." Omen Mas spins like the soundtrack to.. A tale of modern pulp fiction of a darker, more wooden contrast. Perhaps the listener might feel new directions in satisfying S&M audio therapy as medication for electro-shocked-at-birth minds. With each melting melody, torched riff, pounded tempo and spectrum sweeping scream, the electric lyre pours out into the mouths of babes like digestible concrete..and rebirthed..decanted into a puzzle to be put together by the jigsawed listener. Yes Virginia, there is a sign of further intelligent life out there. We are all DEvo, yet these red hands reveal a black skeleton.