Gypsyhawk - Revelry & Resilience

By Alliance


'Gypsyhawk is four metal dudes playing rock & roll, bringing the party every time they get on stage,' states guitarist Andrew Packer, and there is perhaps no better way of surmising the spirit and sound of the Pasadena, California quartet. Revisiting the electrifying sounds of bull-s* free '70s rock, the band are a breath of fresh air compared to the endless onslaught of breakdown obsessed bands cluttering up heavy music. Marinating their wares in whiskey and weed, they hurl out blistering riffs with irresistible hooks & grooves, doing their damnedest to ensure that everyone at their shows is having as much fun as they are. With 'Revelry & Resilience', their second full-length & Metal Blade debut, this vibe bleeds from the speakers from start to finish, determinedly putting a smile on your face and compelling you to throw you hair around, no matter how much or how little you might have.

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