Gurf Morlix - Impossible Blue

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The 10th solo album from the Austin-based songwriter, producer, and award-winning artist Gurf Morlix, Impossible Blue takes an unflinching look at mortality - including his own - and finds a sliver of light through the blues. Impossible Blue shines a light on Morlix's songwriting prowess along with the impeccable musicianship and production from a master of both. On "My Heart Keeps Pounding", Morlix brings witness to the throes of a full-fledged heart attack when "life is fleeting", a rocking, throbbing track that will invite loop-listens. A multi-instrumentalist, Gurf holds court on lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, and percussion; and amply supported by Red Young (Hammond B3) on three select tracks and the inimitable Rick Richards (drums) throughout the album, plus harmonies from rising star Jaimee Harris.