Full of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy

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Rated Number 8 by Decibel Magazine in their Top 40 of 2017!

Did this music really make that nun's head explode into flames, as depicted on the cover? Wouldn't be surprised, not at all. The opening Werner Herzog sample (regarding the misery that is all around us) lets you know Full Of Hell mean serious business. And then, from the first ripping riff all the way through to the album's last and longest cut that concludes with a endless drum-doom-beat, Trumpeting Ecstasy is a brutal barrage of death/noise that any fan of extreme metal will eat up with a spoon, fork, and/or their own bare, bloody hands. Full Of Hell has previously collaborated with the mighty Merzbow but they don't need anyone's help to bring the noise, no sir, and this raging overload of grinding chaos proves it. You don't have to be a nun to run the risk of fatal face-flammability when you crank this,  anyone with a hankering for intense powerviolence should happily volunteer to become Full Of Hell's next, smoldering victim. - Allan Horrox