Full Of Hell - Full Of Hell Merzbow

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2014 two CD collaboration between one of the most promising grind/hardcore bands around and legendary noise/experimental godfather Masami Akita AKA Merzbow. The bonus disc contains exclusive tracks. Maryland/Pennsylvania unit Full of Hell have made massive waves within the hardcore/grind movement over the last several years via a healthy output of EPs, splits, cassettes and two full-length albums. FULL OF HELL o MERZBOW is their most intense, punishing and obliterating work to date. With none other than legendary master of noise Merzbow laying down the extra layers of noise and depth to Full of Hell's already chaotic and brutal sound, the album is without a doubt one of the most formidable artistic statements in extreme music this year. The bonus disc, entitled SISTER FAUN, features a five-song noise piece expanding upon Merzbow's work on the proper album.